Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skalbamania IV: Elite Eight Day 2

Match 59: Professor Xavier vs. Doc Holliday
Professor Xavier: Defeated Rocky Balboa in the Sweet 16.


Doc Holliday: Defeated Butters Stotch in the Sweet 16.

Match 60: Super Mario vs. Link

Super Mario: Defeated Winston Zeddemore in the Sweet 16.


Link: Defeated Leonardo da Vinci in the Sweet 16.

Wow! That just happened.  A very big thanks to Svengoolie for his involvement, his trail of destruction has come to an end however.  Time to add the last to pieces to the Final Four and we have a mighty interesting match up in Match 60.  Two of Nintendo's biggest icons and well icons in all of video games clash in the Regional Final.  Both of these powerhouses just enjoyed a good 25th birthday too.  Tomorrow we will be the Final Four!

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